Lets start with Why? You want to ignite the energy of your team into committed action and collaboration that creates not just high performance and delivers business results but also empowers individuals and enables teams and organisations to thrive.


What do we do to solve that challenge? We deliver individual, team and leadership development programmes centred around Purpose, Passion and Performance.



Why are you here? What are your Goals? What Outcomes are you looking to Create? What does good look like? And how would you know?



What are your strengths? Where do you shine? How can you bring more of that to what you do every day so that you can optimize your potential and contribution?

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What actions are you willing to take to create that new reality? What behaviours do you need to display to ignite your passion? How are you going to show up to be at your best?


That sounds great but how do we make that happen? At arena we get that we do needs to impact not just how teams show up but also needs to deliver bottom line benefit. We ground all programmes in the achievement of commercial objectives.

We use a blend of delivery, group work and coaching and the mix is based on what best serves your needs and the challenges you face. They fall into 3 general areas:



We facilitate learning modules to build specific skills, tools and knowledge to build strong confident teams and individuals. These modules might include leadership, change management, performance management, energy management



Teams can deliver amazing results together. We build the trust, shared consciousness and empowered execution to enable teams to not just collaborate but excel and shine as one collective system. We run group coaching session that surface team behaviours, issues and challenges and facilitate discussion and creation of solutions that drive performance and results. The focus might be on communication skills, team playbook, creating impact as a team.



Teams are more than the sum of their parts and we also need every individual to bring the best of themselves to the team. We work with team member to unlock the potential, identify the strengths and create the courage needed to shine and to bring others on that journey with me. We might focus on strengths, values, impact, resilience.


Arena is led by Lisa Hughes

Lisa is a Senior Facilitator and Coach whose mission and passion is to enable and empower teams and individuals to step up to their best selves so they can produce outcomes that work on every level.

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